Posted August 20, 2010.

winners 2010

Ringwood Jewellers celebrated their 9th Birthday during the month of August and to top it off Peter & Pam were presented Winners of the Nationwide Jewellers Australian Member of the Year 2010.

The award just goes to show how much time and work is dedicated to the business from Peter & Pam. “It is an honour and a privilege to be presented with such a prestige award and to be part of such a fantastic family at Nationwide Jewellers.” Peter said.

Barry Jackson (Director, Nationwide Jewellers) explained Ringwood Jewellers was chosen because of their remarkable growth record, their tireless campaign to always improve their business, their ability to accept new ideas and to think outside the square. Peter & Pam are very progressive modern retailers.


Pictured from Left: Barry Jackson (Director, Nationwide Jewellers), Pam Beever, Peter Beever and Colin Pocklington (Managing Director, Nationwide Jewellers)