Posted October 17, 2014.

how-to-pearls[2]At Ringwood Jewellers, Pam Beever does the pearl threading herself. She was taught by her mother 40 years ago (as a 15year old) who did it for their jewellery store “Hughes Watchmaking & Jewellery”

Here are Pams tips for keeping your pearls in perfect condition:

Five virtues of fine pearls.
Lustre, Size, Shape, Surface, Colour.

Care of Pearls.
Natural pearls love to be worn and can benefit from your skins natural oils, however avoid wearing in chlorinated water, and before storing they should be wiped with a damp soft cloth to remove make up & perfumes, then wiped dry. Natural pearls feel slightly gritty, like grains of sand, if rubbed on your teeth. Beware imitation pearls cannot be cleaned, as you may remove the skin.

Pearls should be checked annually to make sure that thread is not stretching or perishing. Adding knots between each pearl can lengthen the strand, but this is not always possible as we are governed by the size of the hole in pearl.

Ringwood Jewellers has a pearl re-threading service. Bring your pearls in store and chat to us about re-threading options.

Posted October 8, 2014.

The Centenary Diamond was discovered in 1986 with the original rough weighing 599 carats.

Gabi Tolkowsky (who Peter & Pam have recently visited in Antwerp) had the honour of being chosen to cut the diamond and there was an underground room in the De Beers Diamond Research Lab in Johannesburg created specifically for the task!

The Centenary Diamond was completed in February 1991 and weighs 273.85 carats.

Here’s Peter during his recent trip to Antwerp with a replica of the Centenary Diamond – we also have one in our store. If you think it looks amazing in the photo you should see our replica in store!


Posted October 6, 2014.

Peter & Pam have just returned home from their annual diamond buying trip to Antwerp, Belgium – “The Diamond Capital Of The World”.

Each year Peter & Pam are lucky enough to visit Antwerp to handpick diamonds for our customers and learn from the diamond master – Gabi Tolkowsky. This year Peter & Pam saw some amazing diamonds and we can’t wait to see what they have come home with.

New video coming soon, watch this space.

To see the full photo diary of their trip (lots of beautiful diamonds!) check out the Ringwood Jewellers Instagram account here or our Facebook page.



Posted September 23, 2011.

Ringwood Jewellers are proud to be an exclusive stockist of Tolkowsky Jewellery.

The Tolkowsky name is legendary in the world of diamond cutting. In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky invented the Ideal Cut diamond – an invention which revolutionized the diamond industry, and has become a benchmark of diamond excellence. In 1988, Gabi Tolkowsky and his son Jean Paul cut The De Beers Centenary Diamond. At 273.8ct, the Centenary Diamond remains to this day the worlds largest D Flawless Diamond. The Tolkowsky partnership also worked on the world’s largest polished diamond – The Golden Jubilee – a 755.50 carat rough stone, yellow brown rough, which was transformed into a 545.65 carat yellow-brown, brilliant cushion-cut stone, which was presented to the King of Thailand.

Tolkowsky is now the worlds leading master of the finest Ideal Cut diamonds. The Tolkowsky vision is to turn these exquisite diamonds into the finest jewellery, with something to appeal to everyone – from majestic one carat gold-set solitaires, with delicate pavé stones on the side, to striking pieces where the diamonds appear almost to float aloft 18 carat white gold settings. The launch of the collection combines the technical skills of one of the world’s leading diamantaires, with the sophistication and modernity that is Tolkowsky.