Posted November 27, 2017.

Coeur De Lion



These vibrant and unique pieces are handmade in Germany with impeccable attention to detail and enduring materials such as polaris resin, hand-finished two-tone glass and Swarovski crystals.

The Geo Cube design is a timeless classic and has even been stocked at the renowned Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. This collection is for lovers of art and colour!




Multicolour Maxi Geo Cube Bracelet Multicolour Maxi Geo Cube Earrings Multicolour Maxi Geo Cube Necklace Haematite Rose Geo Cube Earrings Haematite Rose Geo Cube Necklace Howlite 8 Agate Bracelet Howlite 8 Agate Earrings Howlite 8 Agate Necklace Green Pink Geo Cube Bracelet Green Pink Geo Cube Necklace