2017 Christmas Catalogue Out Now 27 November 2017 -   The 2017 Christmas Gift Guide is now available. Check it out!        
Cour De Lion 27 November 2017 -   THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT These vibrant and unique pieces are handmade in Germany with impeccable attention to detail and enduring materials such as polaris resin, hand-finished two-tone glass and Swarovski crystals. The Geo Cube design is a timeless classic and has even been stocked at the renowned Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. This collection is... Read more »
DANSK SMYKKEKUNST 27 October 2017 -   DANSK SMYKKEKUNST NEW at Ringwood Jewellers Eastland store: The Dansk Smykkekunst range. This range is our pick for the races – affordable and HOT! Available at our Eastland store.

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